Long Time No Post

Us in our HUGE yard.

Yo, it’s Kai here.  Lance is sleeping, so I’ll sneak onto the screen.

I know we haven’t posted in forever.  Stuff happened.  Lots of stuff.  Dad was laid off, got a new job, we moved to a small house in Vaughan, AND we’ve moved to Texas!  That’s right,  I mean, who’d have thought that? 

“So how’s Texas?”, y’all ask   (See how I’m down with the local lingo?)  It ROCKS.  I have a huge yard.  There are deer around.  I get to go out all the time.  And best of all, it hardly ever rains.  Sure it’s hot, but no rain?  I’ll take it any day. 

Did I tell you I have a huge yard?  I mean it’s massive.  I can go to the other side and hide out – you can’t even see me.  You can run for, like, forever.    Better yet, as soon as the rest of it gets fenced, I get two or three times that much.  I’m just waiting for one of those uppity deer to waltz onto my ground.  Then we’ll see who’s fast and who’s not.

I have found one thing in TX that’s not good.  Snakes.  I really don’t understand what possible value they have.  Mom and Dad took us to see some.  All I did was look at the evil thing and I got knocked across the yard.  (Don’s comment.  We took Kai and Lance to be ‘snake proofed’.  The idea is to expose them to snakes and use a shock collar to make the experience so negative they never want to even look at one again.  Yes, this is cruel and not for the faint of heart, but so is rushing to the emergency vet an hour away.)  So far, we’ve only seen the two snakes at that one place.  (I’m keeping an eye out though). 

You want to hear about the trip down?  It was pretty rad.  We had this really big crate that mom and dad were in with us (minivan).  It was kewl.  You could sleep all day, and when you wanted out all you had to do was walk over and lick someone.  We got to stay in a new house every night.  One of them had an elevator – it’s like a crate that moves up and down – not too scary I did it as a puppy.  While we were in Cincinnati, we stayed next to this park; it was kewl, but there was this huge dude hanging out there all the time – he had to be like 10 dogs tall.  I tried showing him that there was one dog he couldn’t scare, but he just stood there.  Hmph!    (This would be the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Lytle Park.)  I did keep one set of shady characters out of the car.  We crossed the border into the US and these guys wanted to look into the car – I guess they’d never seen a dog before.  Me and Lance convinced them they should move along and wake someone else up.  (Lance’s really grumpy when he gets woken from a sound sleep.)  Lance and I got a chance to mark the whole way from Ontario to TX. 

You got other questions?  Want to know about living in Vaughan?  The rockin’ dog park we had when we were in the apartment while we closed on the house?  No prob.  But another day; there are deer to watch.



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